Excessive Speed

Driving Too Fast is One of the Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents.

Many truck accidents that cause serious injuries in Missouri and other states involve truck operators driving too fast. It is no surprise that like regular car accidents, speeding tractor-trailers can cause serious harms to those operating their vehicles on roads, highways and interstates.  However, unlike regular passenger vehicles, commercial trucks weigh more, are harder to stop, harder to maneuver, and are much more dangerous.

Three semi-trucks driving on a highway at excessive speeds on the highway

Driving Too Fast for Conditions

A truck driver should not travel at a speed that is unreasonable for safe driving in the current road and weather conditions. The conditions that truck driver will encounter are many.  The weather conditions may reduce the visibility for the operator of a commercial vehicle. The roads on which the driver operates his tractor trailer may be dangerous because of being uneven, curved, and covered with gravel. Additionally, the presence of construction work on the roadway may affect the ability to see and may increase the flow of traffic on a given roadway.

Reducing Speeds on Curved Roads

Drivers failing to reduce speed when entering a curve is yet another one of the most common causes of truck accidents and injuries.  The Department of Transportation has noted that 40 percent of speeding related fatalities occur on curved roads. · National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. (2005). Analysis of Speeding-Related Fatal Motor Vehicle Traffic Crashes. (DOT HS publication No. 809 839). (pg. 1). Washington, D.C: Author.   Traveling at the speed limit is not enough – a truck pulling a trailer has a higher center of gravity which makes it more difficult to safely navigate a curve at the regular speed limit.

Accidents Near Interchanges and Exit Ramps

Missouri and St. Louis Highway and Interstate roads often have exits and interchanges with sharp curves.  Truck accidents frequently occur because the drivers of large commercial vehicles travel too fast for these curves. A truck is more likely to have difficulty making a sharp turn on an exit ramp because of its high center of gravity. Additionally, a tractor trailer needs more distance to slow down because of its weight, especially when carrying a loaded trailer. These frequent truck accidents on exit ramps and exchanges cause serious personal injuries to the unsuspecting drivers of passenger vehicles.

Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

Equipment Failure

Trucking Accidents are Often Caused by Defective Equipment

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Hours of Service Violations

Trucking Accidents are Often Caused by Hours of Service Violations

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Driving While Ill or Fatigued

Trucking Accidents Caused By Fatigued Drivers

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Load Shifting & Unsecured Cargo

Trucking Accidents Caused By Unsecured Cargo and Load Shifting

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Unqualified Drivers

Missouri Trucking Accidents are Often Caused by Unqualified Drivers

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Driving in Hazardous Conditions

Driving in Adverse Road or Weather Conditions

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Company Policy Violations

Truck Accidents Occur When Truck Drivers Violate Company Policies

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