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Life-changing Accidents

When a normal day turns into a life-changing trip to the hospital, it’s usually the result of a catastrophic injury. Catastrophic injuries can impair essential functions such as speech, memory, behavior or motor coordination. This puts victims in a vulnerable crossroad in their lives, so they turn to a catastrophic injury lawyer for guidance.

bandaged head male looking at head xrays and in need of a catastrophic injury lawyer or brain injury attorneys

Your Catastrophic Injury Case

Kilroy’s Sports Bar Collapsed Tent Case: A Personal Injury Case Study

From trucking accidents to encountering dangerous conditions on a business’s property, catastrophic injuries will change your life in an instant. One of those moments…

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A man with a catastrophic injury to his head sits while the doctor views his x-rays.

Catastrophic Accidents: How We Can Help You

Experiencing a catastrophic accident is one of life’s moments you never see coming. Between recovery time, extensive medical bills and major alterations to your…

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A woman is sitting in her car with the door open, holding her head after an accident that may require a traumatic brain injury lawyer.

Why Should I Hire a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer? 

Receiving a head injury after a catastrophic car crash, trucking accident or even an accident at work can leave anyone rattled. With traumatic brain…

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When an accident happens, you may feel like your whole future hangs in the balance. The personal injury attorneys at Muchnick Haber Margolis are here to build you up and fight your case from start to finish.