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worker tripping over a trash on a factory floor to demonstrate a slip and fall

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man entering in a slip and fall lawsuit

What Evidence Do I Need for a Strong Slip and Fall Lawsuit in Missouri?

Nearly everyone has experienced a slip and fall at some point in their lifetime. As one of the most common incidents to receive a…

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Icicles hanging from a rooftop to symbolize the icy weather that caused our slip and fall attorneys' client to be injured.

MHM Slip and Fall Attorneys Win $250,000 Settlement

Injury cases where people slip and fall on ice can be tough, especially when it is hard to prove the existence of ice. An…

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A woman in jeans and boots experiencing a slip and fall on icy sidewalks

What Constitutes Slip and Fall Liability in Missouri?

A common inquiry we often hear from potential clients is, “I slipped on ice outside of a store; is the store responsible for my…

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