MHM Slip and Fall Attorneys Win $250,000 Settlement


Icicles hanging from a rooftop to symbolize the icy weather that caused our slip and fall attorneys' client to be injured.

Injury cases where people slip and fall on ice can be tough, especially when it is hard to prove the existence of ice. An unfortunate fall on ice for a client resulted in a $250,000 recovery for our client, partially because the client obtained photos of the icy area after the fall. Today, we are sharing the details of this case and how our slip and fall attorneys are here to help if it ever happens to you. 

The Details of the Case

After our client experienced a slip and fall on ice, the owner of the commercial property would not respond to the client’s request to accept responsibility for the dangerous condition on the property. Our client had even obtained photos of the icy area after the fall as evidence. The attorneys at Muchnick Haber Margolis helped the client obtain a substantial settlement of $250,000 at mediation after litigating the case. 

The Importance of Evidence

Through our many years of experience as slip and fall attorneys, we handled lots of cases for people who fall on ice or slick materials. This case indicates how important it can be for clients to take photos of conditions that cause them to trip, slip and fall on ice. While it is not required to have visual proof of a dangerous condition, it can certainly help with a case. 

Why the Location of the Incident Matters

If you are injured on a business property or commercial property, you generally have to show that the owner or entity in control of the property knew or by using ordinary care, could have known of a dangerous condition and failed to remove, barricade or warn of the dangerous condition.  If you slip and fall on ice at a private residence, you often have to show that the owner or person in control of the property knew of the dangerous condition.  

Contact our Slip and Fall Attorneys

A slip and fall on ice may happen when you least expect it. When it does, you need a team to pick you up and guide you through each stage of the filing process. Our slip and fall attorneys will help you examine the details of your case, make sure it meets the necessary claim criteria and bring you justice for the wrongs you experienced. To speak with one of our slip and fall attorneys, contact us to sit with us in a free consultation.