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MHM Wins $1.5 Million Jury Verdict for a Neck and Back Injury During a Truck Accident 

In September 2019, a St. Louis jury returned a unanimous $1.5 Million verdict for a twenty-seven year old man who received a neck and…

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A man holds his neck in pain due to a neck and back injury sustained in a truck accident.
damages from a fire accident

5 Ways to Prevent a Burn Injury from an Outdoor Fire Accident


Today, many homeowners add outdoor amenities such as pools, gardens and outdoor fire pits…

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A woman sits on a couch and elevates her foot in a cast, reading a letter from her insurance company which is acting in bad faith.

What are the ways your insurance company may be acting in bad faith?

Bad Faith Law

Every insurance company has a duty to act in good faith in resolving claims…

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A woman bikes on a busy street wearing a helmet to avoid a dangerous bike accident.

The Missouri Laws You Should Know to Prevent a Bike Accident

Personal Injury

While driving in Missouri, it is not uncommon to drive past a cyclist on…

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angry dog showing teeth on leash

Legal Rights for Animal and Dog Bite Victims

Dog & Animal Bites

Animals are considered our friends, but unfortunately, they sometimes bite. When they do, our…

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A man dives off of a dock, at risk for swimming injuries.

8 Safety Tips to Reduce Diving and Swimming Injuries

Personal Injury

There is nothing like a quick dive into a pool to cool you down…

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construction workers helping friend after lack of fall protection

The Importance of Fall Protection at Construction Sites: A Case Study

Workers Compensation

Construction sites can be dangerous, especially when there are multiple employers performing different tasks.…

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