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Diving Board Accidents: 8 Safety Tips to Reduce Swimming and Diving Injuries

There is nothing like a quick dive into a pool to cool you down from the summer heat in Missouri and Illinois. However, it…

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Mother and Two Children Killed in I-270 Crash in South County

News Alert

Michelle Yaeger and her two daughters were killed in a crash on I-270 near…

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Six orange rafts are lined up on the bank of a river, prepped with oars in each.

Summer Safety Tips to Prevent Personal Injury All Season Long

Personal Injury

Summer is a season where much of our lives are spent outdoors — whether…

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An attorney and their client go over paperwork at a wooden table in a discussion which will be protected under attorney-client privilege

Addressing Attorney-Client Privilege in Personal Injury Cases

Our Attorneys

Attorney-client privilege is a core legal principle that protects discussions between a client and…

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A truck experiences shifting cargo while driving on the highway, creating risk for shifting cargo accidents.

Why Semi Truck Weight Matters: 5 Examples of Shifting Cargo Accidents

Catastrophic Injury

Large commercial trucks are an essential part of our economy’s transportation system. A semi…

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Assistant Principal Killed in Kirkwood Car Accident

Auto Accidents

Sarah Howell, a 45-year-old woman who worked as an assistant principal at Confluence Academy,…

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Car Slams into Gus’s Pretzels

Auto Accidents

On April 27th, a 23-year-old woman crashed her car into Gus’s Pretzel shop, a…

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