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What are the Common Causes of a Jackknife Accident?

A trucking accident is a scary experience for anyone who is on the road. One of the most common is a jackknife accident. When…

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cars backed up on highway and truck overturned from jackknife accident
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Category: Personal Injury

Diving Board Accidents: 8 Safety Tips to Reduce Diving and Swimming Injuries

Personal Injury

There is nothing like a quick dive into a pool to cool you down…

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women looking at crashed car wondering if she can file a whiplash injury claims

Do I Have a Strong Whiplash Injury Claim? 

Auto Accidents

The worst types of car accidents are the ones you cannot see coming. As…

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Dog Barking Sparks Dog Bite Laws in Illinois

Dog Bite Laws in Illinois: How Are They Different from Missouri Laws?

Dog & Animal Bites

Many people love their dogs and work hard to train them to stay obedient…

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work zone safety signs

National Work Zone Awareness Week: 5 Work Zone Safety Tips for Drivers in Missouri and Illinois

Auto Accidents

When the weather gets warmer, there is no shortage of orange traffic flaggers and…

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cars stuck in a flash flood emergency

What to Do if There is a Flash Flood Emergency While You’re Driving

Auto Accidents

Flash floods can alter driving conditions from normal to dangerous in the blink of…

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doctor reading x-ray to patient and discussing traumatic injury to the spinal cord

3 Accidents that Cause Traumatic Injury to the Spinal Cord

Neck & Back Injury

A traumatic injury to the spinal cord can change your life in an instant.…

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