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Each back and neck injury attorney with Muchnick Haber Margolis is ready to hear your case and bring it to trial — whether you’ve suffered a catastrophic back injury, or a severe neck injury.

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Your Neck & Back Injury Case

Two spinal cord injury attorneys meet at a desk to review scans of a catastrophic injury on a tablet.

Why Should I Hire a Spinal Cord Injury Attorney? 

Nobody wakes up in the morning and expects their life to be completely changed in one instant. A spinal cord injury is one of…

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doctor reading x-ray to patient and discussing traumatic injury to the spinal cord

3 Accidents that Cause Traumatic Injury to the Spinal Cord

A traumatic injury to the spinal cord can change your life in an instant. As one of the most severe catastrophic injuries, spinal cord…

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A man holds his neck in pain due to a neck and back injury sustained in a truck accident.

MHM Wins $1.5 Million Jury Verdict for a Neck and Back Injury During a Truck Accident 

In September 2019, a St. Louis jury returned a unanimous $1.5 Million verdict for a twenty-seven year old man who received a neck and…

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