MHM Wins $1.5 Million Jury Verdict for a Neck and Back Injury During a Truck Accident 

A man holds his neck in pain due to a neck and back injury sustained in a truck accident.

In September 2019, a St. Louis jury returned a unanimous $1.5 Million verdict for a twenty-seven year old man who received a neck and back injury in a tractor-trailer accident in St. Louis, Missouri. After the insurance company refused to offer fair compensation for the injuries caused by the truck driver, two of our best trucking crash attorneys, Aaron Haber and Todd Muchnick, tried the case to a jury verdict. The trucking company asked the jury to award $50,000. We were extremely happy when the jury returned a verdict for 30 times more than what the defendant suggested. 

Forming a Case for A Neck and Back Injury

The injured plaintiff was rear-ended on Interstate 44 in downtown St. Louis. The truck driver claimed the plaintiff stopped short and played a role in causing the accident. We hired a trucking expert to show how the truck driver was not following CDL guidelines and should have been able to stop if he was paying attention. A neurosurgeon testified about the microdiscectomy procedure he performed on the injured plaintiff for his neck and back injury.  Even though the plaintiff had not received medical treatment in two years and was working full-time, we were able to show the jury how the injury affected the plaintiff in his current state and for the rest of his life.  

The Best Trucking Crash Attorneys in St. Louis

Trucking accidents cause serious injuries nationally each year, and the attorneys at MHM aim to get you the compensation you deserve for the devastation you experienced. Whether you experienced a neck and back injury, catastrophic injury or other damages, we are here to help you through your case. For more information on our recent trucking cases, visit our page to learn more.  

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