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National Work Zone Awareness Week: 5 Work Zone Safety Tips for Drivers in Missouri and Illinois

When the weather gets warmer, there is no shortage of orange traffic flaggers and “Work Zone” signs on major U.S. roadways. However, many drivers…

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Category: Neck & Back Injury

Two spinal cord injury attorneys meet at a desk to review scans of a catastrophic injury on a tablet.

Why Should I Hire a Spinal Cord Injury Attorney? 

Catastrophic Injury

Nobody wakes up in the morning and expects their life to be completely changed…

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doctor reading x-ray to patient and discussing traumatic injury to the spinal cord

3 Accidents that Cause Traumatic Injury to the Spinal Cord

Neck & Back Injury

A traumatic injury to the spinal cord can change your life in an instant.…

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A man holds his neck in pain due to a neck and back injury sustained in a truck accident.

MHM Wins $1.5 Million Jury Verdict for a Neck and Back Injury During a Truck Accident 

Neck & Back Injury

In September 2019, a St. Louis jury returned a unanimous $1.5 Million verdict for…

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