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A woman sits on a couch and holds her back in pain, wondering how to calculate damages in her personal injury case for pain and suffering.

How to Calculate Damages in Personal Injury Cases?

We are often asked by a personal injury client at the beginning of a case, “how much is my case worth?” In order to…

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A St. Louis personal injury lawyer holds some paperwork at a desk, with a gavel and a laptop sitting on the desktop.

St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers Advise on Where to File Personal Injury Cases

When you are injured and need to file a lawsuit, there may be different courts where you can file your case. Many people do…

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man in wheelchair due to an accident that results in several types of paralysis

What are the Types of Paralysis from Catastrophic Spinal Cord Injuries?

The thought of receiving an injury to the spine is unfathomable— until it happens to you or a loved one during a catastrophic accident.…

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