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What are the Types of Paralysis from Catastrophic Spinal Cord Injuries?

The thought of receiving an injury to the spine is unfathomable— until it happens to you or a loved one during a catastrophic accident.…

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man in wheelchair due to an accident that results in several types of paralysis
Children engaging in outdoor winter activities, with one child sledding down a snowy hill.

Stay Safe During Outdoor Winter Activities: The Dangers of Sledding in Missouri

Personal Injury

The first snowfall brings a sense of excitement and an opportunity for children, teens…

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semi driving on the highway is one of the leading causes for trucking accidents

What are the 5 Frequent Causes of Trucking Accidents?

Trucking Accidents

As everyone places their online holiday orders, the trucking industry ramps up its cross…

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Icicles hanging from a rooftop to symbolize the icy weather that caused our slip and fall attorneys' client to be injured.

MHM Slip and Fall Attorneys Win $250,000 Settlement

Slip & Falls

Injury cases where people slip and fall on ice can be tough, especially when…

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A doctor and patient review scans of the patient's brain, revealing a catastrophic head injury that requires a catastrophic injury attorney.

Our Catastrophic Injury Attorneys Explain the 4 Common Injuries in a Catastrophic Head Injury Lawsuit

Catastrophic Injury

Some things in life occur when you least expect it. One of those instances…

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An image of a tire tread separation, where the tread of the tire is separated from the rest and causes danger while driving.

Can a Tire Tread Separation Lead to a Lawsuit?

Auto Accidents

When driving down the highway, it is not uncommon to see pieces of tires…

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what to do when hydroplaning

Wet Weather Safety: 5 Tips to Prevent Hydroplaning

Auto Accidents

St. Louis is all too familiar with rapid changes in weather. From 65 and…

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