Tent Collapses in Lancaster and Chicago Cause Serious Injuries


August 2015 – Tent Collapses in Lancaster and Chicago Cause Serious Injuries

The attorneys at Muchnick & Haber are well-informed about tent collapse injury cases. Two recent tent collapses highlight the danger of suffering serious injuries and even death during storms.  On August 2, 2015, one person died and others were injured when a tent collapsed in the Chicago.  The tent collapsed when winds swept through the area.  On August 3, 2015, a circus tent collapsed when a storm swept through the Lancaster fairgrounds in New Hampshire.  The attorneys at Muchnick & Haber have experience investigating and representing individuals injured in tent collapse cases, such as the tent collapse at Kilroy’s Sports bar in downtown St. Louis in April 2012.   

Patrons of events and businesses face serious dangers when they are in tents during storms.  According to news reports, when the storm hit the tent at the Lancaster fairgrounds, large metal poles came out of the ground towards the tent occupants. This is similar to what was reported after the collapse of the tent in downtown St. Louis, where news reports indicated the tent poles were sent flying through the crowd, hitting occupants in the street.  Investigators are currently investigating the cause of the tent collapses in Chicago and Lancaster.  The investigators will have to determine if the tent was installed correctly, if the tent and its parts had manufacturing defects, and if those in charge of the events allowed people in the tents knowing the dangerous weather was approaching.  If you or anyone you know is in need of help for a tent collapse injury case, please contact us