A Button Hook Turn or Jug Handle Turn May Determine the Result of a Truck Accident Case 


A graphic outlining the paths of Jug Handle turns and Button Hook turns for semi trucks in truck accident cases

Recently, we’ve had a number of truck accident cases that involved “off-tracking,” where trucks make right turns. Most right turns require extra room to accommodate the turning radius for a semi truck because the turns are tighter. When a truck driver makes the wrong decision between a jug handle turn and a button hook turn, it may lead to an increased risk of a trucking accident. 

A jug handle turn is when the driver moves left before turning right, which can confuse drivers who are on the inside of the tractor. Additionally, it does not allow the trailer to move away from the curb. This type of turn often results in the trailer running into the curb or a vehicle on the left. The proper turn a truck driver should make requires a button hook turn, where the trailer keeps the wheels as close to the curb as possible and swings wide after beginning the turn. 

So what do we do to evaluate truck accident cases from these turns? We conduct an investigation to attempt to determine whether the truck driver made the proper turn, which would have prevented a truck accident. Sometimes we are able to obtain dash-cams that may show improper turns like the jug handle turn. Or, we will hire experts to reenact or perform calculations to determine whether the semi truck turning radius was improper.  

In one case we handled, a truck driver struck a vehicle while attempting to make a turn. The truck driver said he could not have made the proper button hook turn because of the location of the driveway he was attempting to enter. We hired a truck driver and an expert to reenact the turn and even obtained drone footage to show a safer turn could have been made. Through hard work, we were able to obtain a seven figure recovery for our client.

Experienced Truck Accident Attorneys 

A truck accident due to an improper jug handle turn is a personal injury situation that should not be taken lightly. With countless landmark victories in truck accident cases, our attorneys work hard to prepare the best approach to help you get the compensation you need to move forward. If you or a loved one has recently been injured during a truck accident, call MHM and we will help you fight your case from start to finish.