Claim Enhanced Benefits with Mesothelioma Attorneys in Missouri

An older man with mesothelioma and an older woman sit on a couch as he coughs.

You or a loved one could be entitled to enhanced benefits of up to 300% of the state average weekly wage under the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Law for work-related mesothelioma.  Most people don’t know that Missouri law allows for this increased opportunity for compensation.  These benefits can be paid to the employee’s spouse or children in certain situations. As mesothelioma attorneys in Missouri, the lawyers at MHM Legal can navigate state law to find out if you are entitled to these benefits.  

Enhanced Benefits for Mesothelioma Victims

In a normal workers’ compensation case, an injured worker can only receive a reduced percentage of his or her average weekly wage.  However, Missouri law provides enhanced benefits for mesothelioma victims. RSMo § 287.200.4(3). With this enhanced benefit, a victim of asbestos could be entitled to 300% of his or her average weekly wage for 212 weeks.

The enhanced benefits are also payable to a spouse over their lifetime if an employee dies. RSMo § 287.200.4(5). These permanent total disability and death benefits could be paid at a maximum rate of $853.08 per week. RSMo § 287.240(2)(d). The applicable rate for these benefits is based on the average weekly wage of a similar employee. RSMo § 287.250.1(6).

Trust MHM to Investigate Your Case

The workers’ compensation lawyers at MHM Legal can help determine if there is a claim for enhanced benefits. Some employers have elected to accept mesothelioma insurance coverage by insuring their liability for an employee’s asbestos exposure. We will investigate whether the employer was covered by insurance and has coverage for the enhanced benefit pursuant to RSMo § 287.200.4(3). Please contact us immediately if you have any questions or need more information from experienced mesothelioma attorneys in Missouri.