Never Settle for Less

woman examining insurance policy

Not all cases can be policy limit settlements, but with the right team behind you, you can set your sights higher. The lawyers of Muchnick Haber Margolis have received many policy limits settlements by refusing to lower a demands in appropriate situations. In April 2016, we helped client without a broken bone or surgery obtain a policy limits settlement when the injury was more severe than the bills indicated.  Despite low offers, we refused to lower the demand and a new adjuster offered the policy limits of for the insured driver. 

The lawyers at Muchnick Haber Margolis were able to learn the limits of the policy at issue even though the case was not in litigation.  After giving the insurance company thirty days to offer the limits on what was thought to be a lower-value case a new adjuster was assigned to the file when it became clear that the driver might face personal liability for any judgment for more than the policy limits.  The insurance company finally offered more than the company wanted because of the way we refused to respond to continued lowball offers.