Our Catastrophic Head Injury Attorneys Win $125,000 Settlement

April 2014 – Our Attorneys Win $125,000 Settlement for Man with Head Injury

As catastrophic head injury attorneys in St. Louis, we see countless cases where clients have been injured due to the negligence of another. This was no different for one of our clients who received a serious concussion from a car accident. Today, we are sharing the details of the case and how we helped him obtain the medical evaluation that led to a $125,000 settlement victory for his case. 

The Details of the Head Injury Case

Following the car accident, the extent of the head injury was not apparent until after the client was released by the emergency room physicians. After our head injury attorneys helped the client get evaluated through our network of experts, our client was determined to have a lingering cognitive disorder after his concussion.  

How MHM Helped

This case was an example of our ability to recognize that our client needed more care and evaluation than was initially thought by the treating medical providers.  After the client consulted various pain management doctors, neurologists and other physicians, a specialist in neuropsychology was able to adequately address and diagnose the client’s problems.  

The End Result

Our head injury attorneys were able to secure a $125,000 settlement for our client. The settlement was a policy limit settlement, combining the limits of liability for the negligent driver and the limits of the client’s underinsured motorist coverage on his own automobile insurance policy.

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