Fighting for Recovery — and Closure

Muchnick Haber Margolis pursues every case with rigorous preparation and relentless dedication. Our personal injury attorneys follow a detailed process to discover all the facts of your case and analyze its readiness for court. We’re proud to say that our hard work has paid off over the years, with countless landmark victories in the courtroom. Most importantly, it’s brought our clients to the other side of their life’s most difficult moments with the compensation they need to find closure.

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Our Success Stories

$19.5 Million Verdict

Product Liability

Todd Muchnick fought against General Motors (GM) after a local utility worker was catastrophically injured by a GM truck with a defective parking brake. While GM claimed it was due to poor maintenance, Todd Muchnick and a co-counsel demonstrated that the brake design was faulty and that there had been a number of “other similar incidents” (OSIs) and at least three prior lawsuits. The client received a favorable jury verdict and was awarded $12.5 Million. His wife received a verdict for $3 million. The client also received a rare award for punitive damages in the amount of $4 million.

$1.035 Million Settlement

Product Liability

A thirty-seven-year-old woman was represented by Todd Muchnick for injuries to both of her hands from a defective punch-press machine. A lawsuit was filed against the punch press manufacturer alleging the product was unreasonably dangerous and defective in its design. Our retained expert witness determined the machine had a design defect and did not provide reasonable warning to users that it should be operated by one person. A $1.035 million settlement was reached 3 days before trial.

Confidential Settlement

Product Liability

Josh Margolis obtained a significant confidential settlement for a client who was nearly blinded by a defective blowgun. The company denied there had ever been any other problems with the product. We discovered the manufacturer knew of the defect after spending years investigating the product, reviewing thousands of pages of documents, and taking numerous depositions across the country. This case was an egregious example of a large corporation choosing profits over safety.