The Importance of Quick Response in a Car Accident Case

February 2017 – $165,000 Settlement for Federal Foot Injury Case

A few years back, a client with smart instincts contacted us shortly after her accident. Having suffered a foot injury from a car collision, she followed our advice — calling personal injury attorney Aaron Haber to help instead of waiting to see how the insurance company may respond. Little did she know, her quick response would become an instrumental element of her car accident case and would later help her win a $165,000 settlement in Federal court.

Contact an Attorney at an Early Stage

In the weeks following a car accident, valuable evidence can disappear — injuries heal, the scene of the incident is disturbed and damages to the vehicles involved are repaired. With physical evidence playing a large role in any car accident case, it’s crucial that an attorney is contacted quickly to help you gather the proof you need to pursue justice. In the case of our client, calling us at an early point in the investigation allowed our team to build a strong case with evidence we couldn’t have collected otherwise:

  • Photos. Thanks to the victim’s instincts, the car accident lawyers at MHM were able to obtain important photos to help prove her account of the collision. If you find yourself in an accident, be sure to take pictures that document damages sustained on the vehicles involved, the condition of the accident site, the state of nearby traffic signals or signage, weather conditions and any injuries sustained to the involved parties. It’s best to capture these images from several distances and angles.
  • Expert Insights. In some car accident cases, the use of experts may be helpful in proving the order of events. For our client, we worked with an accident reconstructionist who was able to evaluate the damage to both vehicles involved in the collision and even visited the scene to measure important marks in the road

Our Car Accident Lawyers are on Your Side

In almost any car accident case, early investigation can make all the difference. For our client, the physical evidence we helped gather worked to prove her version of events — and prove the other driver’s version of the collision to be impossible. If you’ve suffered a personal injury from a recent car accident and believe you’re not at fault, trust the attorneys at MHM to help you build the strongest possible case. Don’t let your evidence disappear — contact our team to get started today.