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Diving Board Accidents: 8 Safety Tips to Reduce Swimming and Diving Injuries

There is nothing like a quick dive into a pool to cool you down from the summer heat in Missouri and Illinois. However, it…

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damages from a fire accident

Bonfire Accidents: 5 Ways to Prevent a Burn Injury


Today, many homeowners add outdoor amenities such as pools, gardens and outdoor fire pits…

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inexperienced truck drivers cause accident and overturn truck

Required Qualifications for Driving a Tractor Trailer and the Dangers of Inexperienced Truck Drivers

Trucking Accidents

There are millions of truck drivers in the United States. Every day, these drivers…

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Truck Driving on Highway Shoulder

Roadside Collisions: Dangers of Trucks Parking on Highway Shoulders

Trucking Accidents

It is not uncommon for large semi trucks to take refuge on a major…

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A father and daughter smile and laugh while driving a boat on a lake, each of them wearing a personal flotation device.

Life Jacket Safety: Is My Personal Flotation Device Defective?

Defective Products

 With so many lakes and rivers in our region, you are bound to find…

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Three Children Who Enjoy Swimming in Lakes on Paddle Board

5 Tips to Avoid Lake Drowning Accidents While Swimming in Lakes

Personal Injury

Swimming in lakes and rivers is a common summer pastime in Missouri, Illinois and…

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cars backed up on highway and truck overturned from jackknife accident

What are the Common Causes of a Jackknife Accident?

Trucking Accidents

A trucking accident is a scary experience for anyone who is on the road.…

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